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    Brewing Red Tea in a Gaiwan
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Lesson #32. Brewing Red Tea in a Gaiwan

Please note! Brew 5 grams of tea per 100ml. The water temperature is 90–100°C. Drink from the first brewing.

Red tea is a completely fermented type of tea. It is known in Europe as black tea. It is manufactured throughout China. Raw tea leaves are collected in spring. It takes place at the same time as the green tea collection. This is why its buds are very gentle and covered in light fuzz.

Red tea is better brewed with 100°C water if it's made of leaves, and with 90°C if it is made of buds. The tea has a much more saturated taste when brewed in a thick ceramic teapot or a Yixing clay teapot. Take 5 grams of tea leaf per 100 milliliters of water. You should drink the infusion from the first steeping. You ought not to drain it. The first infusion has the most tender taste and the richest flavor. It has many useful nutrients, don't miss it.

With fermentation the refreshing tart taste of the leaf becomes sweet and soft. It was this natural sweetness that once conquered the hearts of the Chinese, who had no sugar in their diet. Besides, red tea is very good for your health: it strengthens the immune system. You just need to drink it the Chinese way, without adding sugar or milk. Brewing by steeping helps you make out different nuances of flavor, so the better the red tea, the more it deserves to be brewed the traditional Chinese way.

You can brew red tea up to 7–10 times. Have a nice tea!

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