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    Brewing White Tea in a Teapot
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Lesson #31. Brewing White Tea in a Teapot

Please note! Brew 5 grams of tea per 100ml. The water temperature is 100°C. Drink from the first brewing.

White tea can be considered an echo of the period when tea leaf was used as a medication. The true white tea is produced only in Fujian Province. It is better brewed with boiling water in a thick ceramic teapot or a Yixing clay teapot.

Pour 100ml of 100°C water onto 5 grams of tea. One drinks the infusion right from the first brewing in order not to miss the gentle aromas and the tea hairs that are good for your health. The main feature of white tea is not only its special hairy shrubs with unique composition and taste that grow only in Fujian Province, but also the way it’s manufactured. The leaves and buds are dried with warm air, without roasting or shaping.

The older the white tea, the better it is for your health. The more muted its taste, the longer it can be brewed in a teapot. In China they say that white tea has three impeding effects. It has anti-radiational, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects.

In big cities people drink white tea in order to cleanse the body from waste products and consequences of life in a megapolis. It means that since ancient times up to this day, white tea is used primarily to help the body. In order to brew it right one should pour it precisely with boiling water. This way you can open the whole natural power of the tea leaf, so it will be better for your health.

The taste of white tea reveals itself mildly and tenderly, and some types of white tea withstand up to 20 brewings. Have a nice tea!

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