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Lesson #29. Brewing Green Tea in a Glass Gaiwan

Please note! Brew 5 grams of tea per 100 ml. The water temperature is 70-80 °C. Drink from the first brewing.

The best tea-ware for brewing green tea is made of glass, the second best is thin porcelain. Clay, thick wall porcelain distorts the taste of the infusion, making it too tart and coarse. Green teas may be light and airborne, and may be rich and saturated. But they all share the same brewing principles.

Here are the most important things to remember. You should take 5 gram of tea per 100 ml of water. The water temperature for young tea shall not exceed 80 °C, and a year after it is possible to brew it with 90 °C water. First we preheat the tea-ware washing it at the same time. We use a gaiwan or a teapot that quickly cool down in order to open up the tea: it should not get overheated between the steepings.

The overheating of a tea leaf is what gives the infusion excessive tartness, quickly divesting it of fragrance. At the same time, Chinese masters advice that you may leave some water with the leaves, this way you can better preserve the scent of green tea. The first steeping gives a soft, gentle, and very aromatic infusion.
The leaf is harmoniously opened from the first bowl. That’s why we drink tea right from the first brew. It has many hairs, essential oils, and useful nutrients.
With each new infusion the flavor gets stronger and the scent thinner. It’s interesting to watch the taste to increase and decline. Good green tea has creamy flavor, fresh taste, and sweet finish.

Typically, you can brew a tea leaf up to 7-10 times. Have a nice tea!

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