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Lesson #30. Brewing Yellow Tea in a Gaiwan

Please note! Brew 5 grams of tea per 100 ml. The water temperature is 90 °C. Drink from the first brewing.

Yellow tea is a rare and expensive variety of tea. Its production process lasts for more than 70 hours. Yellow tea is brewed just like green tea: in glass or ceramic tea-ware.

Yellow tea is probably the most mystical type of tea. It is versatile and ambiguous. It has a contradictory and not always reliable history. It is still not clear whether the emperor’s court actually drank yellow tea, or if it was just green tea grown in that area. The water temperature for brewing must be about 90 °C. Boiling water is going to make the tea too rough, and at a lower temperature it won’t fully open its taste. For brewing in a 100 ml tea-ware you need to take five grams of tea. You should drink the tea the same way as green tea: strait from the first brewing, without draining it. But even during the steeping, when the water temperature may be low and the vessel easily gives up heat, we still have to preheat the tea-ware so that tea could open itself right from the first cup.

Tentatively we can say that yellow tea is made from green, with an additional procedure called «smothering». During this procedure the tea loses the taste and scent of freshness, and the color of its leaves and infusion become yellow instead of green. This type of tea irritates the stomach much less. In addition, certain varieties of tea acquire special taste hints. And that’s the point. If you just seal any green tea, it’s probably going to taste bad like an old, dried-up tea. And only in some parts of China the tea leaf gets better from this procedure, and the unusual taste nuances, special fragrance and rich aftertaste emerge. And even the right raw tea leaves won’t guarantee that you will get quality yellow tea. Naturally, the price of yellow tea is rather high and you don’t meet it so often.

One can brew yellow tea for 9-12 times. Have a nice tea!

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