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    Ways of Brewing Chinese Tea
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Lesson #6. Ways of Brewing Chinese Tea

In China since 14-th century the tea is traditionally brewed by steepings with minor infusion. For this particular brewing method the tea is cultivated and is thereupon evaluated, as distinct from the Indian tea, which is produced for a single-time steeping. Before 14-th century the tea was cooked.

At present the following tea brewing types are distinguished:
  1. P’in cha. The most appropriate and correct type of Chinese tea brewing.

  2. Gong Fu Cha. Ceremonial way of brewing oolongs.

  3. Brewing by Lu Yu method. This is a modern tea boiling approach, which is allegedly restored from the old treatise «The Classic of Tea». Basically it implies boiling of a tea in a glass teapot on an open fire. This method is most suitable for brewing shu pu’er, which flavor it delivers the best.

  4. Tang dynasty brewing. Boiling out of tea in a clay teapot on an open fire. In Chinese tradition this one is deemed to be the authentic brewing technique remaining since Tang dynasty period. Applies only to aged sheng or shu pu’er.

  5. Chaozhou ceremony. The method of brewing very strong tea using «Lonely bushes» oolong. Based on a specific kind of brewing practiced in this region.

  6. European single-time steeping of tea in a large amount of water. Some of Chainese teas may also be brewed this way still delivering a decent flavor, only a few however!

  7. Brewing of cold tea. This is European tradition as well. Any tea is appropriate.

  8. Great number of ceremonies and brewing interpretations.

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